Break the norm.

Live life fully.

Have no regrets.

Planning a wedding can be challenging. You've got people telling you what needs to be done and prioritize for your wedding day, but when the last bubble pops, they aren't the ones who will live with regrets.


It's easy to lose yourself in the planning and the pressure to make everyone happy.  You want your day to be memorable, by why settle for another beautiful-but-stuffy and unoriginal wedding day!


You only get married once; why not stand out and make it a party no one will ever forget!

Meet Daisy May

Daisy May is a charming 1961 Mobile Scout camper. She's a beauty who loves adventure. She's a whole lot of vintage seamlessly blended with state-of-the-art photo booth technology.


Daisy May has traveled many Midwest roads in her lifetime, and now she gets to find a home in beautiful Kansas City. After a lifetime of adventure and experiences, she now has the opportunity to capture your unforgettable memories.


Daisy May is the perfect addition to any wedding or special event. Whether your theme is rustic, boho-chic, or vintage, Daisy May provides you with the best way to capture unforgettable images.


Lasting Memories.

Professional Equipment.



We want to provide you with an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience. We look forward to discussing your event needs and the all-inclusive packages we have available. 


Tons of Fun.

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